About Us

The Foundation was conceived immediately upon Gabe's passing as a way to keep alive our memory of him. As his family was leaving the cemetery, strangers to them, but obviously friends of Gabe, who also had been there approached to recount stories of Gabe's reaching out to them and others with acts of lovingkindness. These kinds of stories continued to come in by phone, email and in person for quite a while (some of them are in the Gabe's Legacy section of this website - click on "About Gabe") and it became apparent that the scope of the Foundation should be expanded, not only to keep our memory alive but to continue Gabe's "work," as we have come to call it.

The Gabe W. Miller Memorial Foundation, an Illinois not-for-profit corporation, was thus established by Gabe's family and friends. It is an Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity, contributions to which are tax deductible under Code section 170, to the extent allowed by law, and is registered with the Illinois Attorney General. The Foundation collects contributions and distributes them to those individuals who can personally deliver, as did Gabe, service to those who need it most - physically and mentally disabled adults and children, rehabilitated former prisoners reintegrating into society, children in need of support and role models and other such groups. Gabe was passionate about these causes.

Gabe also inspired those around him to make the most of their lives and careers and so his Foundation's distributions will also support and help to enhance the social work profession for students and practitioners.

The management of the Foundation is on a 100% gratis basis by his family members and the voluntary Advisory Committee, only their actual out-of-pocket expenses being reimbursed. Collection expense for credit card contributions, both lump-sum and installments, is as inexpensive as the Foundation can obtain. A copy of our annual report is on file with the Illinois Attorney General's Charitable Trust Division.

Gabe was a man who "made a difference." When he saw a human need, he rushed to respond to it.

Can you imagine the difference it would make if many of us, perhaps even our whole society, saw the need and rushed to respond to it?

Please join us, do as Gabe would have done, and, together, let us all help to make a difference.