Gabe Miller Social Service Project Grants

To achieve the Foundation's goal of continuing Gabe's work of assisting the disabled, disadvantaged and dispirited, the Foundation builds for the future via its Gabe Miller Scholarships and serves those populations in the present through its Social Service Project grants.

The Foundation thus keeps one foot in academe and the other in the day-to-day delivery of social services. This formulation keeps the Foundation at the cutting edge of the development of social work practice while making it a socially productive presence right from its start.

In Year 1, 1 $3,500 grant was disbursed.
In Year 2, 1 $3,500 grant was disbursed.
In Year 3, 2 $4,000 grants were disbursed.
In Year 4, 2 $4,000 grants were disbursed.
In Year 5, 1 $4,000 grant and another $1,000 grant were disbursed.
In Year 6, 1 $4,000 grant was disbursed.
In year 7, 1 $4,000 grant was disbursed.
In year 8, 1 $4,000 grant was disbursed.
In year 9, 1 $4,000 grant was disbursed.

Please read on for details of the Social Service Projects funded thus far.

For further information, please contact The Foundation.

1st Gabe Miller GrantE.R.I.C. Family Services

E.R.I.C. is a private, not-for-profit, full-service agency, in operation since 1994, that, among other projects, runs a group home for teenage girls who are wards of the State of Illinois.

2nd Gabe Miller GrantKeshet

Keshet, headquartered in Northbrook, Illinois, is the pre-eminent organization for integrating special-needs children with their typically developing peers and for training parents and professionals in the treatment of autism and communication disorders.

3rd Gabe Miller GrantSchool of Social Work of Loyola University Chicago

This grant served as "seed money" to help in the growth of the Empowering Counseling Program, a plan of action to assist the residents of Chicago's Madden-Wells neighborhood.

4th Gabe Miller GrantThe ARK

The ARK's Intensive Day Program is a comprehensive day treatment program whose purpose is to provide therapy and counseling, case management, education and an array of other services to people who need more extensive support than can be provided by either their families or mental health institutions and who lack the personal and/or financial resources needed for basic survival.

5th Gabe Miller GrantSHORE Community Services, Inc.

SHORE is a comprehensive service provider for developmentally disabled children and adults for the last 60 years, currently serving 380 individuals. This $4,000 grant will supplement the compensation of a staff social worker enabling her to devote more hours to starting groups in one of its group homes, assisting staff and mentoring a graduate social service intern. Between college and graduate school, Gabe served as a social worker in SHORE's vocational training program.

6th Gabe Miller GrantUrban Peak Denver

Since 1988, Urban Peak has been helping homeless and runaway youth in Denver through case management, education and employment programs, medical care, and mental health and substance abuse counseling and treatment. This $4,000 grant supplements compensation for social workers in Urban Peak's shelter program, which serves about 450 young persons a year by case management, 150 of whom will also receive mental health/ substance and education/employment services.

7th Gabe Miller GrantMidwest Shelter for Homeless Veterans

MSHV, Wheaton, Illinois, is a transitional living facility that provides counseling, educational and job-training services to U.S. veterans of any era to help them out of homelessness and back to useful, productive lives. This $4,000 grant will supplement the compensation and benefits of Bob Adams, MSW, Loyola University Chicago, LCSW, and founder, President and Clinical Director of MSHV. Among the clinical services rendered personally and also supervised by Mr. Adams is treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, one of the Foundation's declared areas of support.

8th Gabe Miller GrantCook County Female Detainees'Knitting Program

Started at the beginning of 2008 and still a totally voluntary initiative, JoAnne Smith, MSW, Jane Addams College of Social Work of the University of Illinois Chicago, LCSW and knitter, conceived the concept of teaching female detainees in the substance abuse unit how to knit, as a relaxation skill and communications facilitator. Every three weeks six to eight new women join the program, which is led by JoAnne and a knitting compatriot. The women appear to gain a sense of empowerment from the experience and an awareness that there are positive avenues to pursue in life.

9th Gabe Miller GrantAdvocates for Survivors of Trauma and Torture

This non-profit group has served torture and trauma victims in the Baltimore-Washington, D.C.- area since 1994. ASTT also provides specialized training for legal and health professionals to increase their ability to respond to the needs of torture survivors; raises community awareness about torture, its consequences, and the needs of survivors; and advocates the abolition of torture worldwide through publications, the media, conferences and other forums.

10th Gabe Miller GrantThe Jeffrey Foundation

Started in 1982 as a resource for families of muscular dystrophy afflicted children, the force of will of Founder Alyce Morrison Winston, Jeffrey's Mother, has propelled this institution from a $60,000 annual budget to a $1,000,000 + annual budget that has served over 10,000 children with all varieties of developmental disabilities, and their parents. So good at what it does, The Jeffrey Foundation now provides Head Start and day care services for beneficiaries of the City and County of Los Angeles.

11th Gabe Miller GrantSHALVA

Started in 1986, SHALVA is Chicago's resource for Jewish female victims of domestic violence. It served 24 clients that year and now serves 292 clients (in 11 months of fiscal 2012). Its services include a 24-hour crisis line, counseling, legal information and court support, rabbinical and community advocacy and financial assistance. The Foundation's Grant is particularly timely to offset partially the economic stress on families that increases the demand for SHALVA's services while at the same time impairing SHALVA's fund-raising.

12th Gabe Miller GrantCJE SENIORLIFE Linkages Program

When many think of the disabled, they think of babies and children. But, they grow up, often into middle-age and older. They, too, have parents. For 15 years now, CJE SeniorLife's Linkages Program has enhanced the quality of life for aging parents with adult children who have disabilities ( In FY 2012, Linkages served 295 unduplicated individuals. This Social Service Project Grant will support Linkage's social worker Rosann Corcoran (LCSW) in her supervision of a social work intern. It furthers our mission to help the disabled, disadvantaged and dispirited. Gabe would have been proud to support this program.