Started in 1986, SHALVA is Chicago's resource for Jewish female victims of domestic violence. That community suffers from this scourge at approximately the same rate as the non-Jewish community (nationally, about 1 in 4 women are/will be victims of domestic abuse in their lifetimes). The myth that this does not occur within these families exacerbates the shame and embarrassment of victimization and, ultimately, the silence of the victims. SHALVA tries to meet this need with a 24-hour crisis line, counseling, legal information and court support, rabbinical and community advocacy, financial assistance, etc. The work is done by licensed social workers, among other specialists. Mrs. Bobbie Gordon, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and an Illinois Certified Domestic Violence Professional has been employed by SHALVA for 10 years, providing community outreach and education as well as counseling of victims. The economic downturn has had a "double whammy" effect on SHALVA: economic stress on families aggravates domestic violence and at the same time impairs SHALVA's fund-raising. The resultant increase in demand for services (which are free per State licensure requirement) and reduction of money available to pay for them has forced SHALVA to re-allocate resources away from community outreach and education to counseling. The Foundation's $4,000 Social Service Project Grant will partially underwrite the restoration of SHALVA's community outreach and education, a most important function of getting women into the safety and recovery that SHALVA provides.

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