HIGHLAND PARK, IL January 16, 2007

From left to right: Adam, Jacob C., Jacob H., Alan Miller, Samantha, Judy Miller, and Tammy Meer.

On December 8, 2006, Judy and Alan Miller, CEO and President, respectively, of The Gabe W. Miller Memorial Foundation, presented a $4,000 Gabe Miller Social Service Project Grant to Keshet. This was the Foundation's second grant since it was established in February 2005. In addition, the Foundation has awarded five scholarships to MSW candidates across the country.

Accepting the grant were Tami Meer, staff social worker of Keshet; Andrea Kelinson, Keshet Development Associate; and four Keshet High School students. Keshet, headquartered in Northbrook, Illinois, is the pre-eminent organization for integrating special-needs children with their typically developing peers and for training parents and professionals in the treatment of autism and communication disorders.

The grant will be used to help ameliorate financial pressure on Keshet's social work compensation and benefits budget and allow Meer to spend more time with her intern, a student at The University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration. This intern had expressed interest in obtaining hands-on social work experience in the area of special needs. Needless to say, Meer was pleased with the prospect of extra professional help. The U of C intern works at Keshet two full days a week and will gradually take on added responsibilities in providing services to students and their families.

During the presentation, Alan Miller recalled how Keshet's "peer-buddy" program influenced his son, Gabe. The experience of being a typically developing buddy contributed to Gabe's persona as a caring individual and, ultimately, led to his becoming a social worker. The Millers believe that Gabe, who died at the age of 24, would have been pleased by this grant as well as by the work of the Foundation that is named in his memory.

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