On June 25, 2007, Alan Miller, President of The Gabe W. Miller Memorial Foundation, presented a Social Service Project Grant to The ARK’s Intensive Day Program for adults who suffer from chronic mental illness.

Ark Award
Miller presented the $4,000 grant to Miriam Weinberger, Executive Director of The ARK, during The ARK's Annual Board of Director's Meeting. The ARK, founded in 1971, provides a comprehensive array of vital human services for the needy, free of charge, including food, shelter, medical services, psychological and employment counseling, senior programming and legal aid to more than 3,200 clients each year.

The ARK's Intensive Day Program is a comprehensive day treatment program whose purpose is to provide therapy and counseling, case management, education and an array of other services to people who need more extensive support than can be provided by either their families or mental health institutions and who lack the personal and/or financial resources needed for basic survival. Programs include: psychoeducational and expressive arts groups, including theater and writing workshops, art therapy, yoga and relaxation techniques and meetings relating to current events and medical concerns. There are psychotherapy groups that deal with such issues as bipolar disease, caregivers' concerns and addiction recovery. Weekly spiritual needs classes are also offered through this comprehensive program.

During his short presentation, Miller, father of the late Gabe Miller, quoted sociologist Margaret Meade, saying, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

For further information, please contact The Foundation.

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