The Gabe W. Miller Memorial Foundation presented its 5th Social Service Project Grant at its Fourth Annual Celebration Of Life Dinner on November 15, 2008. The timing happened to work out this way (the grant was approved just before the Dinner) and it seemed a good idea to treat the Friends of Gabe to a grant presentation, as usually the attendees are the staff and supporters of the beneficiary, but only the presenter from the Foundation.

Shore Award

SHORE Community Services, Inc. is a comprehensive service provider for developmentally disabled children and adults for the last 60 years, currently serving 380 individuals. This $4,000 grant will supplement the compensation of a staff social worker enabling her to devote more hours to starting groups in one of its group homes, assisting staff and mentoring a graduate social service intern. Between college and graduate school, Gabe served as a social worker in SHORE's vocational training program.

During the welcome and introduction part of the evening, Judy Miller, C.E.O. introduced the representatives of SHORE as follows:

Felice Fischer is a 15+ year veteran of SHORE. She received her MSW from Columbia University and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She has practiced her profession continuously since 1985, always specializing in helping those with developmental disabilities.

Kate Jesko is Felice's boss. She has been with SHORE since 1985 and is also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and an Illinois Licensed Nursing Home Administrator.

During the actual presentation, Alan Miller, President of the Foundation, said to the audience and the recipients:

SHORE began in 1953 in Evanston and Skokie as the SHORE School for developmentally-disabled children. It has grown over the last 55 years into SHORE Community Services, Inc., a comprehensive service provider for developmentally disabled children and adults. It serves over 380 individuals each year by vocational training, 2 group homes, other living arrangements in the community, developmental training, early intervention and in-home respite care.

When Gabe worked as a social worker between college and graduate school, he was employed as a job coach in SHORE'S vocational training program. More about his experiences there is on our web site.

Tonight we are focusing on SHORE's Group Home operation - specifically, SHORE's Homes West in Skokie, which houses and serves 12 developmentally-disabled adults. It is a transitional facility that helps these individuals become more independent and move to a more independent living setting. 11 out of the 12 residents attend SHORES's vocational training program during the day.

Felice Fischer, whom Judy introduced earlier, has been the social work consultant for SHORE Homes for 15 years - that's all of SHORE'S Homes. That leaves her only 3 hours per week at SHORE's Homes West, during which she works with the residents, the staff and a social work intern from the University of Chicago. She also serves as liaison to external mental health agencies.

And now, Kate and Felice, with the approval of our Advisory Committee and through the generosity of our contributors, we present to SHORE Community Services, Inc. this contribution from The Gabe W. Miller Memorial Foundation in the amount of $4,000.

This grant will supplement the social worker compensation and benefits of Felice Fischer, which will enable her to devote an additional 3 hours per week to SHORE Homes West. This, in turn, will allow Felice to run groups there, none are presently run, focusing on the mental health, interpersonal interactions and sexuality education of the residents and at the same time enhance the experience of the social work intern and better support staff.

Psalm 82 says, among other things: "***Champion the weak and the orphan; uphold the downtrodden and destitute. Rescue the weak and the needy, save them from the grip of the wicked."

You and your colleagues do that every day. Your Board members and supporters enable it. Keep up the good work. Gabe was proud to have been an employee of SHORE and we think he would be pleased with this grant.

The Gabe W. Miller Memorial Foundation works through an Advisory Committee of social work professors and practitioners, representing Illinois State University, the Jane Addams College of Social Work of the University of Illinois at Chicago, Loyola University Chicago, University of Denver, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and the University of Southern California.

For further information, please contact The Foundation.

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