RachelThe Gabe W. Miller Memorial Foundation awarded its 10th Gabe Miller Scholarship to Rachael Dietkus-Miller, a first year MSW student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The University matched the Gabe Miller Scholarship.

Mrs. Dietkus-Miller received her bachelor's in sociology, with an emphasis in social movements and their organizations, from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2000. As an undergraduate and since, she has demonstrated her strong commitment to social change by her volunteer and paid positions.

She has grown from a volunteer to an executive along the following path: AmeriCorps volunteer; Program Director - Illinois Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty; Program Director, Director of Development and Associate Director - YWCA of the University of Illinois; Executive Director - Downtown Danville, Inc; and Advocacy Manager of the YWCAs statewide.

Mrs. Dietkus-Miller was a Fellow of the World YWCA and Delegate to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights & Human Rights Council in 2006. There were only two women nominated by the YWCA USA.

She has authored and presented to the American Sociological Association "Working from the Bottom UP: Grassroots Organizing and the Dichotomy Between Activist Lawyering" and "Orderly Social Progress and Racial Measures: The ACLU and the Fight for Individual Rights Over Personal Safety and Freedom."

And she has participated, chaired and led many organizations and panels, too numerous to list here, but by way of example: President, currently, and member - UIUC Graduate Social Work Association; President, currently, and member - Champaign County ACLU; and '04-'06 Commissioner - City of Urbana Human Relations Commission.

Mrs. Dietkus-Miller was also awarded the IVI-IPO Harold Washington Award in 2003; the Verdell Frazier-Young Award '98-'00; and the Gloria Steinem Award in 1999.

Ms. Dietkus-Miller attended Northwestern University School of Law's First Annual Conference on Wrongful Conviction and the Death Penalty, as did Gabe. Both their senses of social justice were spiked by that experience. There were very few younger persons in attendance, but, unfortunately, she does not remember Gabe from that event.

All of the Foundation' scholarships are need-based. Mrs. Dietkus-Miller's situation highlights just how important the Foundation's scholarships and the universities' matches are to the graduate students. Without divulging personal finances, suffice to say that the Gabe Miller Scholar has what could only be called a crushing student debt load from undergraduate days, Mrs. Dietkus-Miller has cut back about one-half on her primary job (and its income) to have the time and energy to excel in her MSW program and still holds two jobs - 20 hours per week at the YWCA and 10 hours per week at the Women's Resources Center (an assistantship). Her husband is a professional nurse, having gained his experience as a medic in Iraq.

Update 2012: Rachael was identified as one of the "40 Under 40" community leaders by Central Illinois Business Magazine, in part for her co-founding the "CUBD (Champaign-Urbana Design Organization) Gives: Project Non-profit Makeover" program and her service on the CUBD Board and to United Way's Community Leaders Program. She is currently a Licensed Social Worker for the VA, having started as a Patient Advocate and now as Administrative Officer-Engineering Services. Rachael and her husband are the proud parents of Vivian, born a year ago this last September.

Rachael Dietkus-Miller is doing her best. The Foundation is proud to be of help to her.

For further information, please contact The Foundation.

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