StephanieThe Gabe W. Miller Memorial Foundation awarded its 11th Gabe Miller Scholarship to Stephanie Duncan Moss, a graduating MSW student at the University of Southern California. The University matched the Gabe Miller Scholarship.

Mrs. Moss received her bachelor's in communication and sociology from the University of Arizona, where she had a tuition waiver as her father was a police officer killed in the line of duty and that is a common benefit extended to surviving children.

She grew up in impoverished and under-resourced circumstances in Arizona. Her family's "ticket" out of that environment and to the suburbs was that tragic loss of her father. As with so many, her ticket up the socio-economic ladder in her own right was and is education.

Mrs. Moss' experiential education has included serving as a Program Assistant for Athletes In Action, part of the Urban Project Los Angeles; volunteering at Parkridge Community Center; a teaching assistantship in Psychology/Social Work 325 at the University of Michigan; a Site Coordinator for the Towne Avenue Elementary Boys and Girls Club; a Mentor/Coordinator for the Beat the Odds Scholarship of the Children's Defense Fund - Los Angeles; and an MSW intern and Program Specialist with Shields for Families, Inc., a program of the L.A. County Prevention Initiative Demonstration Project, in collaboration with the Annie E. Casey Foundation, First 5 L.A. and the Department of Children and Family Services, among others.

Her honors, offices and memberships include Chair of the Christian Social Work Caucus - '08-'09; member, Urban Youth Workers Institute - '08; participant at the IMPACT national Conference in '04; and the 1st year student representative to USC's SSW's All-School Day Committee.

Mrs. Moss' philosophy combines The Golden Rule with harnessing the power of others and community to extend themselves to the "outsiders." She looks forward to using her education, training and life experiences to teach, motivate and empower both sides, "normal" society and the marginalized, not only to co-exist, but to thrive.

For further information, please contact The Foundation.

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