Lauren and Cheryl

On October 13, 2006, Judy and Alan Miller, Chairman and President, respectively, of The Gabe W. Miller Memorial Foundation presented the 3rd and 4th Gabe W. Miller Scholarships to Lauren N. White and Cheryl L. Lockett, both 2nd year MSW students at Illinois State University’s School of Social Work.

The presentation was made at the Annual Social Work Awards Recognition Ceremony of Homecoming Weekend at ISU in Normal, Illinois.  During the presentation, special mention was made of Foundation Advisory Committee Member, ISU  Professor, Diane Zosky, who has secured three of the Foundation’s five scholarships for ISU students.  Last year’s Gabe Miller Scholar, Dawn Davis, also an ISU graduate student, was in attendance at this year’s presentation. 

Ms White received her Bachelors Degree in Sociology, also from Illinois State.  She is in a three year program as she holds down a full time job as a child welfare specialist at The Baby Fold, a local social service agency.  In her graduate studies she is focusing on the child welfare and substance abuse areas.  Her employment and volunteer experiences before graduate school included serving as a child welfare case assistant and as a residential counselor for an adolescent substance abuse treatment facility.  As do many graduate social work students, Ms White has a long high school and collegiate history of volunteer activity with math and reading tutoring, Big Brothers/Big Sisters and crisis intervention.  

Ms Lockett also received her Bachelors Degree from ISU.  She is a “non-traditional” student, already having experienced successful careers as a mother, a pastor and one who gives ‘TLC & G’ – Tender Loving Concern and Guidance.  Ms Lockett, however, wanted the benefit of an advanced formal social work education to make her more effective in her life of social services delivery.  During her presentation, Mrs. Miller pointed out that there is very little difference in the essences of those three careers.  Mr. Miller noted that many mature MSWs work well into their 60s, bringing with them a wisdom that cannot be learned during a two- year, post-graduate program.  The Millers reported that during the processing of Ms. Lockett’s application, after review of her resume, letter of application and interview report, the Foundation’s Advisory Committee and Board found her career path, energy and courage to be inspiring. 

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1st Gabe Miller ScholarTrish Snell, M.S.W., University of Denver, 2006; Ph.D., Notre Dame University
2nd Gabe Miller ScholarDawn Davis, Illinois State University
3rd Gabe Miller ScholarLauren White, Illinois State University
4th Gabe Miller ScholarCheryl Lockett, Illinois State University
5th Gabe Miller ScholarShani L. Trapp, University of Illinois
6th Gabe Miller ScholarChristopher S. Perri, Loyola University Chicago (LUC)
7th Gabe Miller ScholarCarlos F. Moran, University of Southern California (USC)
8th Gabe Miller ScholarAudrey L. Tousant, University of Southern California (USC)
9th Gabe Miller ScholarThomas J. Malczyk, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UI)
10th Gabe Miller ScholarRachael Dietkus-Miller, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UI)
11th Gabe Miller ScholarStephanie D. Moss, University of Southern California (USC)
12th Gabe Miller ScholarAnanda Leinartas, Jane Addams College of Social Work of the University of Illinois, Chicago
13th Gabe Miller ScholarZuleika Andrade, University of Southern California (USC) School of Social Work
14th Gabe Miller ScholarKristopher Koester, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign (UIUC) School of Social Work
15th Gabe Miller ScholarWhitney Welsh, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign (UIUC) School of Social Work
16th Gabe Miller ScholarJana Hernandez, Loyola University Chicago
17th Gabe Miller ScholarLauren Higbee, University of Illinois Chicago / Jane Addams Colllege of Social Work
18th Gabe Miller ScholarLauren Belding, University of Illinois, Chicago / Jane Addams College of Social Work
19th Gabe Miller ScholarJennifer Copeland, Loyola University, Chicago
20th Gabe Miller ScholarJenny Vu, University of Southern California
21st Gabe Miller ScholarAlison Lehner, Loyola University, Chicago
22nd Gabe Miller ScholarAnnie Azriel, University of Illinois, Chicago / Jane Addams College of Social Work
23rd Gabe Miller ScholarDanielle Perry, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign (UIUC) School of Social Work
24th Gabe Miller ScholarRaji Shivshanker, University of Southern California
25th Gabe Miller ScholarLynette De Dios, University of Illinois, Chicago / Jane Addams College of Social Work
26th Gabe Miller ScholarNakisa Choupani, University of Southern California
27th Gabe Miller ScholarSarah Mesick, Loyola University, Chicago
28th Gabe Miller ScholarAshley N. Grabb, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
29th Gabe Miller ScholarIvan Gonzalez, University of Southern California
30th Gabe Miller ScholarTiara Smith, University of Illinois, Chicago / Jane Addams College of Social Work
31st Gabe Miller ScholarCandyss Newman, Loyola University, Chicago
32nd Gabe Miller ScholarMelissa Farmer, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign