3rd SCHOLARSHIP of 2007, 7th OVERALL

CarlosOn September 7, 2007, The Gabe W. Miller Memorial Foundation presented its 3rd scholarship of 2007 to Carlos F. Moran, a final year MSW student at University of Southern California (USC). USC's School of Social Work matched the scholarship with a tuition credit.

Moran, an alum of California State University, Northridge, received two bachelor's degrees, one in child and adolescent development and the second in Chicana/o studies. He was one of five Outstanding Graduating Senior awardees. At USC, Carlos' concentration is Community Organization, Planning and Administration.

Carlos' hands-on social service delivery experiences include mentoring and supervising delinquent and neglected teens as a case worker, teacher's assistant and teacher, aimed towards building social-political awareness and leadership skills of the students. His MSW internship is to provide, under supervision, mental health services to children and families.

Carlos' volunteerism has centered on community activism as a youth organizer and facilitator and as board member of The Puente Project Conference and MechA (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicana/o de Aztlan) National Conference, which he also served as Finance Director (2005) and Chairman (2005-6).

As many who are called to social work, Carlos had first hand experience as a beneficiary of social work when he was a child. The oldest of five siblings who were taken from their parents and placed separately in the California foster care program, Carlos kept them all in contact and when he was "emancipated" from foster care, Carlos enrolled in college and started the process of adopting legally his two brothers and one sister who were still in the system. He succeeded, brought them all together under one roof and now serves as parent, along with his other roles of graduate student, social activist and volunteer.

Carlos' deep experience in living and working in the child welfare system and helping to make it work and his role-modeling inspiration to his family and community are predictors of success as a credentialed social worker.

Carlos' area of concentration in graduate school is what Gabe's was. The communities that Carlos has helped and wants to continue to help have many of the same characteristics as the populations that were Gabe's beneficiaries.

Gabe's Foundation is thankful that USC's School of Social Work has introduced it to Carlos Moran and proud to be able to assist in supporting him in the final year of his MSW program.

For further information, please contact The Foundation.

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