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On June 8, 2008 a small group of Friends of Gabe from the Chicago area car-pooled to Waukegan, IL to lend a hand building a house with Habitat For Humanity. We arrived bright and early and were fresh, clean and ready for anything that morning.




They assigned us to the "pit" - a foundation that had been poured 3 days earlier and which was full of mud from a few days of unending rain since it was poured.











Our job was to pull out the wooden forms and supports which had held the wet concrete when it was being poured, pull out the nails and pass (throw) the wood topside, where a few of us waited to pull out missed nails and stack it on pallets criss-crossed just as the supervisor told us, so that a forklift could easily pick them up and move them to the next foundation pour site.


We were a bit tired when we finished, which was, mercifully, immediately after lunch as a thunder and lightening storm was upon us and looked as if it would be continuing until Thursday. No one was sorry the day was called early. The mud was so thick that it added several pounds to each step we took and after it started to harden a bit, each step was like pulling one's teeth out of dental impression media! It was exhausting!! Check out the boots.

For all the exhaustion and mess, we received the "lecture" about what the HFH organization stands for, its organization, what it uses the money for and how it "recycles" the donations, not only for the particular houses in any given location, but for all the dwellings it builds all over the world. We were proud to be of service to another organization that makes a difference, in Gabe's name and memory.

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Chicago, ILUptown Cafe.
Detroit, MIHarvesting at Shaarei Zedek with produce to go to Yad Ezra.
Ft Collins, COHarvesting the Oshun Community Gardens, cooking the produce and feeding the hungry in Downtown Ft. Collins
Washington, D.C.TBD.
Los AngelesTBD.
Chicago, ILGood News Kitchen.
Detroit, MIWorking in the Yad Ezra food pantry - the only kosher food pantry in SE Michigan.
Ft Collins, COBush Doctor Benefest, a fund raising benefit for Jason Bush, a young man in the Ft. Collins community who was diagnosed with testicular cancer and needed assistance with his medical bills. A number of Gabe's friends participated. In addition, the Friends of Gabe assisted at the Special Olympics bowling.
Washington, D.C.Gleaned Miller (no relation) Farm in Md. to feed persons in Greater Washington area.
Los AngelesCommunity Thanksgiving Dinner.
Chicago, ILVolunteers assisted Habitat For Humanity.
Detroit, MIVolunteers assisted at the West Bloomfield Community Fame Games for the disabled.
Ft Collins, COFoundation volunteers helped build a green/sustainable home.
Washington, D.C.Friends of Gabe again helped clean the Anacostia River.
Detroit, MIVolunteers assisted clients in obtaining groceries at Yad Ezra.
Ft Collins, COFriends of Gabe volunteered for Arts Alive Fort Collins.
Washington, D.C.Supporters helped Earth Conservation Corps clean Anacostia River.
Chicago, ILMembers of Chicago and its North Suburban communities served dinner to clients of Good News Community Kitchen in Chicago's Rogers Park.
Detroit, MIVolunteers assisted clients in obtaining groceries at Yad Ezra.
Ft Collins, COFriends of Gabe spruced up the Colorado Coalition of Artists.
Springfield, ILVolunteers assist at St John's Breadline.
Washington, D.C.Supporters gather produce from fields for Shepherd's Table.
Waukegan, ILMembers of Chicago and its North Suburban communities prepared and served dinner to residents of the 'PADS at The Center Site'.