Gabe's Foundation Videos

In the Foundation's first three years, we thought a video presented at the Annual Celebration of Life dinner would be a good way to communicate one of the Foundation's messages.

  • In year 1, we presented The Making Of A Caring Man which featured the influences upon Gabe as he grew up that made him into the caring man that he was.
  • In year 2, we showed Profiles In Service: How They Help Us - I that spotlights a social work specialty that coincidentally happened to be about death and dying, although hospice and bereavement social work was not applicable to the circumstances of Gabe's demise.
  • In year 3, we brought Profiles In Service: How They Help Us - II to musically highlight another social work specialty - helping children overcome the emotional deficits that often accompany life in big city America when one is not born into a family of means or a family that wants him or her. This one features the work of one of the Gabe Miller scholars who uses his rap music skills as a communication channel to children.

The general overriding message is that we, both individually and as a society, need highly educated and trained social service professionals and we should do what we can to ensure an ever-replenishing supply of these very important helpers. In other words, let us help the helpers.